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October 10, 2015 to 12, sponsored by the National Federation of industry and commerce, Guangdong Province, the protection of intellectual property rights and the use of training courses in Guangzhou City, Guangdong province successfully held. National Federation of industry and commerce, the legal department of the minister Bai Lianxiang, Guangdong provincial Party Committee United Front Work Department Vice Minister, the provincial industry and Commerce linked party secretary, executive vice president Guo Hanyi, Party Secretary of the Guangdong Provincial Institute of socialism, executive vice president of Wu Xianbiao attended the commencement of the ceremony and made a speech. Chen Kun, member of the National Federation of industrial and commercial law, the law department deputy inspector Ding Xuexiang presided over the meeting. From 17 provinces and cities in the legal work sector as well as chamber of commerce associations, business representatives of about 150 people to participate in training.

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